Monday, December 8, 2008

A Taste of Roma

Ok so let's be honest, you go to Italy for the food. Yea you go for the culture, the history and the excitement but if the food was crap none of that would matter. During my time there I ate at many MANY places but one place that I went to nearly everyday was a pizzeria just outside of American University of Rome (the school I attended while in Roma) called Pizzeria da Simone.

This is one of the typical "fast food" pizzerias. Here you go in and tell them how much pizza you want in measurement not slices. It is then weighed and price is according to weight, they then fold it and you eat it like a sandwich.

It is unbelievably good, the pizza is so fresh and crunchy (a plus in my book) and rather inexpensive. It is a lot better than American pizzerias because if you only have a buck (or a euro rather) you can still get something to eat. Also it takes about 30 seconds from walking in to paying, to get your pizza.

They also have a lot of other great choices besides pizza. Such as lasagna, gnocchi, stuffed tomatoes, potatoes with broccoli rabe and my personal favorite Suppli (soup-lee) which are fries rice balls with tomato sauce and center filling of mozzarella cheese. Seen in the picture below.

FYI...Yes that is a tray of 20 some odd Suppli that my buddy bought to bring back to America with him and YES they let him bring it on the plane. Unfortunately, as soon as they left Italy airspace they never tasted the same again.

If anyone wants recipes or recommendations on where to get the closest version...let me know.

OK I am going to go eat now....God I miss Roma.


  1. My fav foods in Italia were those sandwiches with salty bread, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes, and the uber thin-crust pizzas that you can eat the entire thing by yourself- so delicious!!!

  2. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING PIZZERIA IN ROME!!! I just got back from a semester abroad and also went to AUR...I was just trying to look up Simone's and I stumbled upon this. But wow, I miss it soooo much!!