Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok so my laptop has been out of commission for about a month. That being said I am just now able to post.

To prevent your head from spinning with everything that happened over the past month, I will give you the abridged version:

1st and one of the most important things is that I ran a 5K...well if you consider periodically stopping to take pictures running then yes I ran a 5K. I was proud to be a part of the Robert P. Giaimo 5th Annual Memorial 5K they are a great family that consists of another one of the Fioretti 4. They do tons to help the community and they deserve a lot of praise and admiration for being the angels on earth that they are. I will upload some images of the event soon.

I will skip over all of the other things that happened because to be honest...I don't remember them and if they aren't good enough to remember then that aren't good enough for me to share with you fine folks.

I can sum the rest of my month with 1 sentence....I bought an xbox 360 and my life is now over.

I am still a rookie (at best) but I have come to the level that I like to call....not completely shitty.

Also, for some reason, I am the planner of my friends and I am now planning my friend's girlfriend's 21st extravaganza....including limo, vip in a club, and the destination....don't ask why I am doing it because to be honest....I don't know either....I guess I am just f*cking good at what I do.

I gotta start charging people.

That is it for now....I promise to post more frequently for the 2 people that check my blog(one being me and the other being the guy who stumbles here by accident when looking for a pornstar with the name "Fioretti")

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