Thursday, December 11, 2008

Next Stop...Sorrento

Ok so every now and then you need a little vacation...a side trip. A place that exudes old school Italy and is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful places in the world is...well if you read the title this is no shocker...Sorrento.
Below are images from my time spent there. The food is fresh, the seafood was amazing, the shopping is fabulous...yea I said fabulous...and the atmosphere is so unbelievably relaxed.

I bought some clothes and the best gifts for people in Sorrento and it is very affordable, the key however, haggle haggle haggle!!! For you shoe lovers out there (I am speaking mainly to the women) there are a few tiny (almost missable) stores where you can get shoes CUSTOM MADE and they are inexpensive too. This was recommended by my dear friend Elizabeth Batman Superfly Praino who purchased these shoes and loves them.

Here are some images I took throughout the trip.

The lemons were the size of my head!

The places to go out were really trendy...all while and the floor and bar was all lit up....unfortunately this was the only picture I was coherent enough to take.

We ate fresh seafood on the water...literally this place was on top of the water, gorgeous place and amazing food....Oh yea I rolled deep overseas.

I was told I had to put this picture of the romantic scenery...this was on the balcony outside my hotel was was my crazy canadian hahaha

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