Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Back Story

Ok so here is the back story to my blog.  I spent 4 months in Rome, probably...scratch that....definitely! the best time of my entire life.  It was a time in my life that will stay with me forever, I met some of my best friends and had experiences that will last a lifetime.  I have felt in the past that something was missing from my life...I come from a strict family and went to school locally so leaving home to go all the way to Rome was that something missing.  I learned a lot about myself, the person I am, the person I can be when pushed and the person I see myself being.  
While I was in Rome I lived in the best apartment out of any of the ones I was in (despite what any others might ladies know who you are) it was on the great street "Via Mario Fioretti".  I had 3 roommates that I spent every day with, every time we went out..we did it together. We were know as the "Fioretti 4" yea I know...lame...but it stuck and I like it  One of my good friends that I met there and her roommates hung out with us on a very regular basis and one day while hanging out at school one person asked her, "why do you hang out with them so much?" She eloquently replied, "Because we always have fun with the Fioretti boys."

She is a huge dork, but I always remembered it so...long story short, the 4 of us separated, but two of us (my best friend and I) live a town over from each other so the Fioretti Fun continues.

This blog is dedicated to everything and all things going on in my life.  Some things may seem trivial and some may seem long winded but to me they are exciting and fun.  A different kind of fun...yep you guessed it, Fioretti Fun.  Believe are in for a treat.

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